COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! nolonger homeless but i still need the cash!



Commissions page

please even if you don’t buy/donate share this with other people and get the word out. all payment is done with PayPal.


well im no longer homeless but i still need the cash. now ill be able to get online more often, though i will have a few days of quite here and there as we set up the internet at the new place. thank my grate aunt she let us move into the downstairs house.

Also, I’m doing commissions as well

Whatever I get is going to Ren, so I would be very humbled to receive commissions from at least someone.

I can do lots of things other than minecraft as well. I draw mythical creatures, regular people, moderate backgrounds, you name it and I’ll do it.

(also theres a donation button at my personal blog and if you donate I will be a very very happy person ; w; )

My personal blog:

My commissions page:

Simply message me with what you want and I will give you my email for paypal.

Thanks guys!

-Aleis Day



I have cleaned out the inbox

I have made some of the characters unaskable though they will still show up in the storyline. i will also be posting tidbits here and there of the story line, and just art of the characters. all asks are welcome though and they help me continue working on this blog.

Ruin- 1  ( at home spending a lot of time following Cas, still needs a new tux. )
Zackariah- 2 ( taking care of the 3 surviving children from the old village)
Aviur- 0 (following kait)
Cas- 0 (has been moved to this blog, spending time farming)
Kait- 0 ( wondering the lands in search of a new home/mate, and running from the strange man who came after her -aviur-)

unspecified- 0






Okay, maybe not the final answer, but part of the problem! Asks keep getting eaten. Which is a big problem when you’re doing something anon and don’t want to ask the person “did you get it”?

If the ask…

This is quite odd. I’ll try this out, myself to see if that’s what happens